Keep up with enticing sexual activities in your relationship regardless of the stage of your relationship. It is the responsibility of both the partners in the relationship to sexually satisfy their partners. We all know the penetration is the core of sex, but it’s not the only thing you should focus on to have a healthy relationship. Let’s see the other things you can try to excite your partner. You should read Kim Anami reviews and listen to her podcast to know how trying different things can bring back the lost excitement in your relationship.

1. Foreplay

Like all the sexual activities begin with the foreplay, we are beginning our list with foreplay. Don’t underestimate the power of good foreplay. It includes touching, kissing, cuddling. Increasing the span of foreplay can improve the sexual experience of both the partners. For women, clitoral stimulation is important for their orgasm.

2. Try the Short Breaks

Men who want to last longer in intercourse can try the short break technique. Whenever you reach your ejaculation point, stop the sexual activity. Take a deep breath and start slowly for the next session. Keep doing this as long as you can. This technique can train you to hold off your ejaculation and comforts the man in the more intense sex action.

3. Variety is the Spice of Life

Trying new positions, new ways to have intercourse (can also include role-playing) can excite you and your partner. The experience should not be monotonous, routine, and boring. The activity should be exciting, thrilling and full of fun. Take your sex outside the bedroom and explore more options.

For a more detailed and expert opinion, get in touch with Kim Anami. Read Kim Anami reviews and see how she has helped people’s sexual life. People have shared in steps how they experienced a positive change. Kim Anami reviews are a must-read.

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